Preparing to Ship

  • Place animal in plastic bag and squeeze the excess air out of the bag. Freeze the animal and then pack it into a box with crumpled newspaper or cellulose insulation on all sides. The more you use the better. You can also line the box with pink foam insulation, or if your specimen will fit, ship it inside of a foam cooler with cellulose packed inside.
  • Keep your package in the freezer until you are ready to ship it. It is best to take it to the drop off location within a few hours before the truck leaves for the day. This is to avoid your package sitting at the store overnight. Only ship on a Monday or Tuesday during a non-holiday week.

Before Shipping

  • Always contact us prior to shipping any specimens. This will allow us to get your information and to know when the package will arrive. CITES animals (bobcat, lynx, otter, wolves etc) must have their tag attached when shipped. Migratory birds must have Federal Migratory tag attached. Please include your name, address, and contact number or email in your package.


  • Use next day or second day shipping using a carrier such as UPS or Fedex (USPS is not recommended for shipping perishables unless you overnight the package).

Upon Arrival at our Facility

  • When your animal arrives we will contact you to discuss the desired pose, taxidermy contract information, and payment method.

Upon Completion

  • When your mount is complete, we will contact you. Once the balance is paid (mount price plus return shipping cost) your mount will be shipped to you via the carrier of your choice. The cost of the return shipping depends mostly on the size of the mount and base. The larger the box, the higher the cost of shipping. Mounts are packaged with care to avoid damage, and all packages are insured.