Harden’s Taxidermy studio is a modern, professional, 4,000 square foot taxidermy studio for the discriminating sportsman.  We offer a complete line of services from simple tanning to life-size mounts with robotics.

Our current staff has over 115 years experience in the art of taxidermy.   Since it truly is a combination of art and science, we spend countless hours recreating your trophy to keep your specimen as God created it.  In doing so we strive to replicate the exacts standards, including attitudes, expressions, and native colors.

You’ve invested a sizable amount of time, money, and effort in acquiring your special trophy. Considering this investment, your choice in a Taxidermist should not be a last minute effort. Without the proper research and planning you may never relive the same thrill and pride in harvesting your animal, as you would when viewing a well mounted trophy. Take the time to visit local Taxidermists and inspect their work. A good Taxidermist will go over his work in detail, and point out his methods of preserving a mount. During your visit ask for references. A reputable Taxidermist will have references readily available. Take the time to check these references. Cost should not be the only factor that influences your decision. Base your decision on his overall experience, artistic talent, quality, and reputation as a Taxidermist. Quality and workmanship are far more important than just considering price. Poor quality and workmanship will remain with your trophies the rest of your life. Keep in mind anyone can sew a raw skin over a manikin and call themselves a Taxidermist. It takes a true artist to preserve your trophy and depict life so realistically that it appears in motion.

If you have a trophy you’d like to display, please call, email or visit Hunter’s Corner for field care, specific instructions and/or shipping tags.